Sunday, February 8, 2009

CNY Chess Tournament Day Two

I started the day with two wins (Marzuki and Faizal Andin). Anyway I have to admit that against Faizal Andin, I was lucky to swindle the game to my favour. He was completely winning the game (not to mention time advantage as well) before blundered the game away by allowing me to exchange rook. After that my pawns are simply unstoppable. Not a game that Faizal would like to remember and not a win that I proud of.
In a next round I was not so lucky when I lost to Zarul Shafiq at the first board battle. With that win, Zarul assured of at least sharing a 1st place. I blame this lost to my thirst. Organizer has promised free drinks to all player through out the tournament but somehow they only give a can to each player on the first day.
Somewhere at middle of the table, chaos erupted when a deaf player (in completely losing position), claimed a draw when his opponent, Syed the blogger, put the pawn at the center of two squares and an outsider adjust that pawn to it corect square. Initially he claimed for a draw but later claimed for a win! Suhairi (arbiter) of course could not entertain such an out-of-this-world request and when he refuse to continue the game, Syed has been declared as a winner.
Last round I was paired against Azman Hisham and after a messy fight, i managed to win and ended the tournament at 5.5 out 7 and RM180 richer! well, to be more exact maybe richer by RM145 after deducting RM35 expensive entrance fee.
Top 10
1.Zarul Syafiq 6.5
2.Fadli Zakaria 5.5
3.Salman Mistam 5.5
4.Nor Ilhamuddin 5.5
5.Faizal Andin 5.5
6.Nik Nazri 5
7.Roslan Sulaiman 5
8.Nur Nabila AH 5
9.Izz Saifuddin 5
10.Abd Shukor 5

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