Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CAS Allegro First Quarter 2009

Date:15 February 2009

Venue:Level 4, Kompleks Wilayah

Yeap, it was held at level 4, Kompleks Wilayah. It is basically car park level with a restaurant and some space that they have turn it to a chess hall and office. Pretty basic but still better something than nothing.

First face i saw is Mas Hafizulhelmi followed by Kamaludin and Udani. I know immediately it is going to be a strong weekend tournament.

I was seeded number 10 out of 99 contestants.

I begin the tournament with 3 out of 3. This followed by two losses (Anas, Bakri) and later managed to win the last two games to finish at no 11! Lost some rating points here.

Final result

  1. Ian Udani 6

  2. Sumant Subramaniam 6

  3. Fariz Shafrudin 5.5

  4. Anas Nazreen 5.5

  5. Mas Hafizulhilmi 5.5

  6. Gerald Soh 5.5

  7. Nabil Azman Hisham 5.5

  8. Zambri 5.5

  9. Norazman Ismail 5.5

  10. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 5

  11. Nor Ilhamuddin 5

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