Thursday, April 30, 2009

DATCC Week 2

We meet Terang Bersih Persatuan Catur Wanita (don't know where they come up with the name 'terang bersih' kinda funny :-))

I guess lady luck is smiling when we manage to beat them 4-0,

First to win is ...ahemm!, yours truly. I played against Nabila, never an easy opponent, but somehow manage to win when she played in rather passive manner.

Second to win is Hairulov, in a fiery game against Khairunnisa, the lady blogger unable to find the defence to fend off Hairul's sacrificial attack.

Third is Irwan (againt Haslindah), not sure about the game but looks like Irwan has the winning position throughout the game.

Fourth and the last game to finish in entire round is Aziz (against Roslina Marmono). In his typical controlled game, Aziz squeeze the position litle by litle until finally Roslina was force to give up a piece, the rest is technique..and a mumble (jokingly) from Mr Hamid that maybe someone should inform Aziz to give the ladies team half a point!

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  1. my game with hairul is not so called "sacrificial attack", he blundered a piece.. but i blundered one move that would change the course of the game.. terrible me! hahaha